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IN THE PLACE OF HONOR: It is Maj Britt Andersen, the season’s undisputed veteran, who sits in tonight’s place of honor in “Every time we meet”.

In the season’s second round of “Every time we meet”, it was Maj Britt Andersen (65) who took the place of honor. VG’s reviewer rolled continuous dice rolls along the way.


With an active career for almost fifty years, Maj Britt Andersen is without a doubt the participant with the most experience in this year’s season of the TV 2 program. In total, she has released 25 albums, alone and with others.

She is best known for her many children’s records. All of her 14 nominations for the Spellemann Prize have been in this category, and Andersen secured the prize for both “People are weird” (1986) and “Væla around” (2015).

Children were also the focus in Saturday’s episode of “Every time we meet”, where it was Andersen that the audience became better acquainted with. Here she told openly about the downturn when she and her husband Geir Holmsen discovered that they could not have children of their own. The artist was also surprised with a very special guest – daughter Daniela – who secured several tears from the table and the evening’s only six from VG’s reviewer.

-I have almost no words. I could not have been happier than for Daniela to come and sing for me. I could not have imagined a better ending, says a moved Andersen.

This year’s artists are Myra, Maj Britt Andersen, Øystein Greni, Jarle Bernhoft, Arif, Anna of The North and Andreas «TIX» Haukeland. Stig Brenner arrives on the TV show later in the season.

Read more about this year’s participants her.

In the season opener, Andersen sang to a fiver from VG’s reviewer, when she honored Andreas Haukeland with her own version of “Angel, do not go”. VG’s Tor Martin Bøe has taken out the dice and rolled for each song that is performed.

Agree or disagree? You can roll your own dice under VG’s reviews.

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