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Source title: A must-have artifact for starting work after the festival, the Honor Magic Vs series allows Qin Hao to easily cope with work affairs

The Lantern Festival has passed, and the Spring Festival holiday has officially come to an end. Many friends have returned to work and started a new year’s work journey. However, after a long vacation, it will take a while to get used to getting back to work, and it is not easy to balance work and life. On February 7th, actor Qin Hao posted a video of the official start of work. In the short film, he uses the Honor folding flagship Honor Magic Vs series to handle multiple business tasks at the same time through smart split screens, global annotations to help his daughter with homework, and the breath wake-up function to easily master the work. Cooking skills, reasonably solve various problems in work and life, and greatly improve work efficiency.

Qin Hao has starred in many high-reputation film and television dramas since he was born, such as “Green Red”, “Undocumented Crime”, “The Hidden Corner”, etc., which have won unanimous praise from the audience. At work, Qin Hao is methodical and has been adhering to improving his acting skills at a steady speed. Aside from the screen image in front of the public, he is also a good father, he will carefully tutor his daughter’s homework after work, so that he can balance work and life.

Nowadays, people want to be able to complete work quickly and efficiently, but because of the pain points such as the oversized computer and the inconvenience of carrying it out, it is difficult to solve this problem. How to complete work tasks efficiently has become the focus of everyone’s concern. In the short film, Qin Hao gave the perfect answer, and he easily dealt with many affairs with only one Honor Magic Vs. Started work in the new year and started efficiently.

There is no laptop by my side, but the staff told me that I have to deal with two urgent tasks. Faced with the situation where I need to check the video clips on one side and reply to the WeChat of the work group on the other side, Qin Hao took it easy, took out the Honor Magic Vs, and used the smart split screen Function, confirm the video tidbits and reply to the message at the same time, avoid switching back and forth between multiple applications, which greatly saves time. It can be said that the split-screen operation method and implementation logic of the folding screen are directly related to the user’s operating experience, usage habits and learning difficulty on the large screen. The Honor Magic Vs effectively improves the multi-application through a more free split-screen method. , Multi-threaded operating efficiency.

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As a father, Qin Hao also pays close attention to his child’s learning situation, and tutors his daughter’s homework remotely on the set. The stylus and global annotation function of the Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition bring great convenience. For the large screen of the folding screen mobile phone, the addition of a stylus can realize more delicate operations on more and more detailed calligraphy and painting scenes and APP. The stylus is combined with the global annotation function to help users easily edit documents or re-edit favorite content. After the operation is completed, it also supports image sharing and sharing to third-party applications such as WeChat in PDF format to double the efficiency.

Honor Magic Vs also implements short-range voice wake-up technology without wake-up words. For example, when Qin Hao encounters a “difficulty” in cooking at home, he only needs to raise his mobile phone and ask “how to make pot-packed meat”. Natural interaction with the device improves user experience.

The Honor Magic Vs series is a folding screen flagship that is easier to carry, easier to control, more comfortable to use, and more secure to experience. In addition to functions such as smart split screen, global annotation, and breath wake-up, the Honor Magic Vs series also combines extreme thinness and extreme performance into one, realizing the thinness of the product and making it more comfortable to hold, and also realizing the long battery life of the folding screen; equipped with The new Magic OS 7.0 greatly facilitates the work needs of business people and office workers.

In the new spring season, if you need to change your phone, you may wish to consider buying a Honor Magic Vs series that can help you improve your office efficiency. I believe you will not be disappointed.

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