Hong Kong follows Beijing and obscures the BBC accused of not being impartial

It is a media war between Beijing and London. The National Radio and Television Administration, the industry supervisor, accused the BBC of grossly violating the regulations by going against “true and impartial” news requirements and undermining China‘s national interests and ethnic solidarity. “Since the channel does not meet the requirements to broadcast in China as an overseas channel, BBC World News is not authorized to continue its service within the Chinese territory. We will not accept the channel’s broadcast application for the
new year, “said the regulator.

London had blocked the CGTN – The move is a response to the revocation of the license (which took place on February 4) in the United Kingdom against CGTN, the English-language channel of the Chinese state TV CCTV, whose management was considered no longer in compliance with British regulations. Ofcom, the media supervisory and regulatory authority in the United Kingdom, had determined that Star China Media Ltd, a company under British law to which the broadcaster was nominally controlled, had not been able to prove that it had control real on the editorial line of the CGTN, ultimately attributable to the Chinese Communist Party.

Political friction between the two countries – The following day, the Beijing Foreign Ministry accused London of “ideological bias” by asking “Britain to immediately cease political manipulation and correct its mistakes”, spokesman Wang Wenbin said, anticipating that China “reserved the right to adopt the necessary responses “. The story is part of the growing tensions between Beijing and London, in particular due to the repressive pressure attributed to China in Hong Kong, the former British colony, and to the allegations of abuses against Uyghurs, the Muslim minority of Xinjiang.

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The “inconvenient” investigations of the BBC – On the latter issue, the BBC in recent days has broadcast a new investigation “on rape and systematic violence” against women in the Northwest region, with the dramatic testimony of a former inmate of the “vocation camps”. The broadcaster said it was “disappointed” by the decision of the Beijing authorities and the measure was also judged unfounded by the British government, which accused China of “censorship”: “An unacceptable blow to press freedom”, the ‘said the head of the Foreign Office Dominic Raab.

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