Honda, the champion of Thai passenger cars Occupies 27.5% market share

In addition, Honda was able to take first place in four main segments:

1. Subcompact and Eco Subcompact car segment Cumulative sales 51,375 units, accounting for 31.1%
Honda City is consistently ranked No. 1 in popularity. With cumulative sales of 35,807 vehicles
Honda Jazz is still a popular hatchback. With cumulative sales of 15,568 vehicles

2. Compact car group Cumulative sales 20,009 units, representing 62.1%
Honda Civic continues to dominate. With cumulative sales of 18,249 vehicles
Honda Civic Hatchback Cumulative sales of 1,760 units

3. Medium sedan car segment (D-segment) Cumulative sales of 5,265 units, accounting for 49.7%.
Honda Accord and Accord Hybrid cumulative sales of 5,265 units.

4. Large SUV segment (L-SUV) Cumulative sales of 5,374 vehicles, accounting for 51.2%
Honda CR-V cumulative sales of 5,374 units

At the same time, in 2020, Honda was awarded the TAQA – Thailand Automotive Quality Award for Outstanding Image. Outstanding Brand Image for Trusted Brand category, which has been awarded for the ninth consecutive year from 2012 to 2020 with the most popular automotive business award. Quality first, the product is used in 4 car models: Honda City Turbo, Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, and Honda BR-V.

Pitak said that for the year 2021, Honda continues to upgrade its products, sales and services. To effectively accommodate the changing of the market and the needs of consumers In the showroom and service center Still strictly adheres to the hygiene measures in accordance with the government guidelines Along with offering online services To facilitate and build confidence for customers in the service. To respond to the New Normal lifestyle, including

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Online Service Booking Appointment system to receive the service in advance Through online channels Both the Honda website or LINE Honda Thailand Official Account, including Honda Drop & Go, the service where customers simply park their car and leave their car keys at the service center at the appointment for service. Customers can update their mobile service and online payment status and enhance sales with the Virtual Experience website that offers a virtual reality experience online. Allowing customers to be a part of activities That Honda held And is another channel for customers to discuss and ask for information With a sales advisor quickly.


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