Honda Malaysia confides, its fate is the same as Honda Mobil Indonesia


Automotive manufacturer Honda in Malaysia released an official statement on its website regarding the constraints of car production. In the announcement, Honda said that it was currently experiencing difficulties in producing cars at the factory because it was affected by the semiconductor chip crisis.

Reported by Paultan, Honda Malaysia is currently delaying car production at the Honda Melaka factory, Malaysia. Apart from the semiconductor chip crisis, another factor was the difficulty of the Malaysian Honda factory in obtaining spare parts to produce new cars.

This disruption stems from the semiconductor chip crisis that hit the global auto industry. This is further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, where these two factors have hampered the supply chain in assembling cars in factories.

Furthermore, Honda Malaysia said that there was a production cut at the factory but it was not proportional to the high market demand, making consumers who have placed orders must pivot. However, it is not explained in detail how long consumers have to wait for the car to arrive.

The Japanese manufacturer also said the length of the pivot will depend on the model and variant of the car they choose. Unfortunately, Honda again did not specify in detail which type was the fastest to the longest indent.

Illustration of engine test bench at PT. HPM, Karawang, West Java, Wednesday (30/09/2015). The construction of the facility is part of Honda’s commitment to increase production capacity and quality while accelerating the component localization process for Honda products in Indonesia. In addition to the engine test bench, HPM will also have a crankshaft factory which is currently under construction. Grandyos Zafna/detikcom Photo: Grandyos Zafna–

This problem not only affects Honda, Malaysia’s national car, Proton, also has to reduce the number of cars produced at the factory. The reason is the same, because of the semiconductor chip crisis which caused production cuts.

The Honda car pivot did not only occur in Malaysia, but also in Indonesia. In fact, the pivot must occur for months due to the crisis in the supply of semiconductor chips.

One of the Honda cars affected by the pivot is the All New Honda HR-V. Launched last March, potential customers of Honda’s newest SUV must be patient because the indent is quite long, reaching 4-5 months.

“For the All New Honda HR-V, turbo until August, so sorry. SE also pivots around June to August (in the Jakarta area). Bookings are 5,195, while (production) can only be 1,300, 1,500 (per month). about 4-5 months,” said Yusak Billy, Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM).

In addition, another model that is also affected by the pivot is the All New Honda BR-V. In fact, the semiconductor chip crisis made Honda prioritize the Honda Brio over the Mobilio type, due to the very high demand for the Brio.

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