“Honda ‘coffin’ on the CB1100 crankcases”

The CB1100, both EX and RS, is very popular in Japan and consequently all promotional materials, such as photos and videos, are produced there. The Japanese versions (except the black one) are equipped with brushed crankcase covers, different from the European versions where these components are painted. The construction material is obviously the same. Honda is a global manufacturer with factories all over the world and it is normal that locally there are differences in some details of the same model. It is for this reason that on our brochures and on the official website there is a disclaimer that unequivocally clarifies the level of reliability of the information contained: “Honda reserves the right to modify the technical characteristics, including colors, even without notice. This may involve detailed or substantial changes. […] Check with your trusted official dealer the technical characteristics of the product distributed in Italy. ” We hope your reader doesn’t give up on purchasing our gorgeous CB1100EX / RS.



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