Hon Hai / Hon Hai third quarter earnings per share hit a record 2.8 yuan per share! Gross profit margin of 6.16% hit a three-year low for the same period

Hon Hai (2317) today announced its third quarter financial report (10), with earnings per share of 2.8 yuan in the third quarter of 2022, better than the previous quarter’s 2.4 yuan and 2.67 yuan. in the same period last year. high for the same time of year! Hon Hai will hold a third quarter earnings conference call in the late afternoon to explain its operational status. The outside world is expected to pay close attention to the follow-up changes at the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou. Live broadcast of Yahoo Qimo stock market.

Hon Hai headquarters. Photo file / Photo by Zhang Jiahao.

Hon Hai’s gross profit margin in the third quarter was 6.16%, down from 6.40% in the previous quarter and 6.3% in the same period last year; profit margin was 2.78% lower than 2.94% in the previous quarter, but better than 2.57% in the same period last year; net profit margin was 2.22%, better than 2.21% in the previous quarter, but down from 2.63% in the same period last year.

In the third quarter, Hon Hai’s revenue was 1.74 trillion yuan, a quarterly increase of 16% and an annual increase of 24%. Operating profit was 48.549 billion yuan, a quarterly increase of 10 % and an annual increase of 34%. , a quarterly increase of 16% and an annual increase of 5%, the net earnings per share was 2.8 yuan, and Hon Hai’s earnings per share in the first three quarters reached 7.32 yuan.

Hon Hai will hold a conference call in the afternoon to explain the financial report for the third quarter of 2022, which will be chaired by President Liu Yangwei. Due to the blowout of the Foxconn Zhengzhou plant in mid-October, which triggered the collective flight of employees, Hon Hai has actively taken measures, including improving the environment and well-being. , attracting employees to return to work, the progress of follow-up processing, and the degree of impact on future operations should be the focus of discussion at this legal meeting.

[Aggiornato alle 15:20]Hon Hai Liu Yangwei: Looking forward to a “neutral” vision in 2023!

Hon Hai chairman Liu Yangwei told the legal meeting that the original fourth-quarter view was “cautiously optimistic,” but due to the impact of the Zhengzhou plant, the outlook for the fourth quarter has been officially lowered, but it appears that the quarter will continue to grow. Year-over-year performance has been flat, not least because the Henan local government has actively assisted, “it will eliminate the epidemic as quickly as possible and restore full production.”

海 董事長 主持 第 3 季 法人 說明 會。 圖 / 翻拍 鴻海 法 說 會 畫面。

Hon Hai president chaired the third quarter company briefing. Figure / Remake of Hon Hai Fa meeting screen.

Liu Yangwei pointed out that smart consumer products will still see quarterly growth in the fourth quarter, but will decline from the same period last year; there are some doubts about the server market, but we believe that cloud networking products will experience quarterly growth decline in the fourth quarter, but this is an increase over the same period last year; although overall demand for computer terminal products has slowed, Hon Hai is relatively unaffected because its customers are high-end products. continue to grow in the fourth quarter; components and other product areas also maintain quarterly and annual growth.

Liu Yangwei stressed that in anticipation of next year’s future performance, Hon Hai believes that the influencing factors include inflation, epidemic, and the international political and economic situation. operating base, will still use the more conservative forecast for visibility next year. Views are initially considered neutral.

(Review: Lu Junyi)

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