Hon Hai Group strengthens 3+3 transformation, Honghua advanced, research institute recruits people | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Hon Hai (2317-TW) In recent years, it has been actively transforming, and the recruitment of talents has also been promoted in the 3+3 direction.2201-TW) The joint venture Honghua Advanced is also recruiting talents, releasing nearly 30 vacancies, including engineers in electric vehicle power, hardware and software, systems, etc. In addition, the Hon Hai Research Institute also recruits talents simultaneously to strengthen R&D capacity .

Honghua Advanced has released nearly 30 job vacancies on the human resources website, recruiting engineers and supervisors for automotive electronics hardware, chassis, software, systems, etc. In terms of salaries, design engineers for Internet of Vehicles, ADAS systems, and automotive wiring harnesses graduated from universities. The starting salary is 35,000 yuan-60,000 yuan a month, and a master degree or above, or a senior engineer related to electric power, chassis hardware, and firmware, is negotiable.

In addition to Honghua Advanced, the Hon Hai Research Institute, which was inaugurated at the beginning of the year, is also the focus of Hon Hai’s manpower expansion. From the perspective of the staffing of the research institute, there are 40 people in each of the five research institutes, and a total of 200 people. The group planned by the chairman of Hon Hai Liu Yangwei will not exceed 50%, 50-75% of external recruitment is estimated, and 100-150 job vacancies are expected to be released.

According to the human resources website, Hon Hai Research Institute positions include research team leader, researcher, and research assistant, etc. The salaries are all negotiable. Among them, positions above researcher must be aimed at electric vehicles, digital health, robotics, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, and the new generation. Research and publication of related fields such as communication technology.

As for Hon Hai itself, it used to start campus recruitment in March. In response to the transformation, it is estimated that this year will continue to lock in “3+3”. Data analysis, Internet of Things, 8K, cloud computing, edge computing, automation, etc., are expected to remain This year, we will focus on recruiting talents.

In terms of salary and benefits, Hon Hai last year offered a starting salary of more than 45,000 yuan for new college graduates, a starting salary of more than 52,000 yuan for master graduates, and a starting salary of more than 60,000 yuan for doctoral graduates. Together with the dividend bonus and performance bonus system, a hundred Ten thousand annual salary grabs talents.

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