Homophobia, the CEI against a new law: “No use. Beware of liberticide drifts”

VATICAN CITY – The Italian bishops intervene against the texts of the law onomotransfobia, presented to the House and which should be voted on in July. In a short note entitled “The bishops against all discrimination”, the prelates say in no uncertain terms that “a new law is not needed”.

They quote Francesco who said: “Nothing is gained by violence and so much is lost”. Words, they explain, that want to offside any type of racism or exclusion as well as any violent reaction, destined to prove itself self-destructive.
“Discriminations – including those based on sexual orientation – constitute a violation of human dignity, which – as such – must always be respected in words, actions and legislation. Harmful treatments, threats, aggressions, injuries, bullying , stalking … are as many forms of attack on the sacredness of human life and must therefore be contrasted in no uncertain terms “.

But the bishops believe that in this regard, “an objective examination of the provisions for the protection of the person, contained in the legal system of our country, leads to the conclusion that there are already adequate safeguards with which to prevent and repress any violent or persecutory behavior”.

For this reason, the Church looks “with concern at the bills currently under examination at the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies against homotransphobia crimes: also for these areas not only is there no regulatory vacuum, but also gaps that justify the urgency of new provisions.

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On the contrary, a possible introduction of further incriminating norms would risk opening up liberticide drifts, so that – rather than sanctioning discrimination – it would end up hitting the expression of a legitimate opinion, as taught by the experience of the legal systems of other Nations to which domestic similar standards have already been introduced.

For example, subjecting to criminal proceedings those who believe that the family requires a dad and a mother to be such – and not the duplication of the same figure – would mean introducing a crime of opinion. This effectively limits personal freedom, educational choices, the way of thinking and being, the exercise of criticism and dissent “.

And again: “We firmly believe that, in addition to carefully applying the provisions already in force, we must first of all promote the educational commitment in the direction of serious prevention, which contributes to warding off and countering any offense against the person. reciprocal controversies or excommunications, but availability to an authentic and intellectually honest confrontation “.

First irritated reactions from the world of politics: “I am very surprised – she says Francesca Businarolo President of the Chamber Justice Commission, M5S deputy – from the reaction of the bishops against the law on homotransphobia that we are discussing in committee. To affirm, as the Italian bishops do, that adequate safeguards already exist to combat this phenomenon means not wanting to take note of a harsh reality of discrimination against which we feel the political and ethical responsibility to intervene “.

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The speaker of the law also replies, Alessandro ZanDemocratic Party MP: “The criticisms of the CEI Presidency for the law against homotransphobia, whose unified text has not yet been deposited and on which we are still working, are surprising. I repeat, it will not be extended to sexual orientation and identity gender the crime of ‘propaganda of ideas’ as today is foreseen by the art. 604 bis of the penal code for ethnic and racial hatred. So no limitation of the freedom of expression or censorship or gag as I have heard these days out of turn “.

“The CEI observations – he declares Carolina Varchi, FdI group leader in the House Justice Committee – hit the mark because there is no regulatory vacuum to fill: our system, in fact, already provides for the necessary possibility to sanction any discriminatory attitude “.

“Rather – he continues – it is surprising that once again my colleague Businarolo abandons her institutional role as president of the House Justice Commission, to take the field with her team’s jersey, not guaranteeing the necessary impartiality role”.

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