Homeless kitten survived in a cage with predators and fell into the hands of the princess

Photo: instagram.com/latifaalmaktoum

Homeless kitten lives with Princess Latifa

The caretakers wanted to help the poor animal, but he was suddenly grabbed by one of the tigers and ran away, holding it in his teeth.

Princess Dubai Latifa shared a video with a stray kitten on Instagram. The main character of the frames overcame the tigers and thus became her favorite.

The kitten fell into a cage with three tigers. The predators began to play with him, and then nearly tore him to pieces.

The caretakers wanted to help the stray animal, but he was suddenly grabbed by one of the tigers and ran away.

As a result, the kitten was pulled out of the teeth of the white tiger.

After that, Latifa announced that she would shelter him.

“He is fine and will no longer be homeless,” she wrote under the video, and confirmed her promise with photos, which she posted a few days later with a cat that had fallen to the tigers.

Recall that recently a man told a story from his life that kicked out his girlfriend who drove his cat away.

It was also previously reported that kitten drove in the engine several hundred miles and survived.

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