Homeland: Treasures of the Lake District – No concept and no money

Demmin’s policy has spoken out in favor of taking over the fundus – but a concept for the museum inventory is a long time coming.


Like the exhibits of the former local history museum, the discussion about the fundus in Demmin is now several years old. It has been clear since 2021 at the latest that the city wants to take over the portfolio from the district. However, how the plan can be implemented in practice remains to be seen. However, the topic has not died down completely. “In the meantime, a two-page working paper has been created,” says Mayor Thomas Witkowski. It lists the first steps on how to deal with the fundus – for example with regard to documentation and digitization.

concept should exist

However, the district’s original request was different. By the end of 2021, the administration should have presented a substantive and financial concept for professional storage and public accessibility. There was then parental leave until March 2022.

In the current letter to the district, however, there is still no question of a comprehensive concept, as Witkowski notes. In fact, the mayor had already doubted in January that this could easily be realized in the short term.

Therefore, the municipal working paper now forms the basis for the final legitimation of the handover. “The district is now preparing the template for the fundus,” he says. Council members are expected to vote on it in June.

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