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He emphasized that the possibility of receiving immediate help in a crisis situation is extremely important for children, because not to mention their emotional experiences and experiences, children accumulate traumas and negative experiences that they have to live for the rest of their lives.

According to him, this is also confirmed by the experience stories of well-known influencers and artists in Latvia, which are offered in video format by VBTAI. Trams explained that small video stories are an invitation to everyone to think about their actions and choices, the need for support and the way out of the crisis, using all available resources, including the new Child and Adolescent Hotline service – online counseling or chat.

Influencers Emilija Sama and “Alishuks M”, multi-artist Artūrs Jenots, as well as singer Patrisha, real name Patrīcija Ksenija Cuprijanoviča, share their experience in video stories.

Patriša revealed that she had experienced physical violence in the eighth and ninth grades, which other classmates had even filmed.

The singer said that the hotline option is a great option for those who are shy to talk about what happened and for those who find it harder to sort out their thoughts – it is an opportunity for everyone to explain what is happening more easily. Also, in her opinion, chat is a good helper for those who feel safer than writing but writing.

Amanda Vēja, Director of the VBTAI Family with Children Support Department, has also emphasized that children and young people are currently actively using the online environment for mutual communication – it is often easier to express their thoughts and emotions, look for possible solutions and ask for help.

She explained that in times when there is too much negative emotion, anxiety or stress, it can be really difficult to seek help. According to her, it can be especially difficult to ask for support for those children who feel shame, fear, insecurity, as well as other strong emotions – in such cases, a phone call may seem too cumbersome or scary, but when writing to e-mail, the answer is not received immediately. has introduced a chat feature that is being used by more and more children.


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