Home Vaccination for Corona: Register Now with Hecht GGD Hollands Midden!

Home Vaccination for Corona: Register Now with Hecht GGD Hollands Midden!

What if you want a corona vaccination, but cannot come to a GGD injection location due to a serious illness or disability? Not even with the help of family or acquaintances? A mobile vaccination team from Hecht GGD Hollands Midden in Gouda will then visit you to vaccinate you at home. You can register for a home vaccination until December 8, but it is better to do it as soon as possible.

Anyone who thinks they are eligible for vaccination at home can call 0800 – 2077. Or ask an informal caregiver to do so. It is determined by telephone whether a corona shot at home is possible. “People who are bedridden are eligible. Or people who are not mobile enough to get to a vaccination location, even with the help of others,” explains Margreet Bekedam, vaccination manager at Hecht GGD Hollands Midden. “We notice that people can call for home vaccination themselves is new this year and is still relatively unknown. GPs can also register patients. In contrast to previous corona campaigns, general practitioners can no longer vaccinate themselves. The corona vaccine is no longer available to them.”

Call as soon as possible
“Call as soon as possible for vaccination at home, do not wait until December 8,” Margreet emphasizes. We will stop home vaccinations at the end of December and after registration it may take a few weeks before an appointment can be scheduled. We organize vaccination at home as efficiently as possible by smartly planning routes. One mobile team can then vaccinate more people per day.”

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