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02:27 AM | Sunday 02 August 2020

Turki Al-Sheikh

The chancellor reassured Turki Al-Sheikh, President of the Spanish club Almería, and the president of the General Authority of Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, his followers on his health after he was exposed to a health problem, which led to his travel to the United States of America for treatment.

“Al-Sheikh,” through his account on the social networking site for the micro-blogging “Twitter”: “I am fine, praise be to God”, amid a great interaction of comments on the tweet, wishing him health and safety.

Awwad supports Turki Al-Sheikh after his return to the hospital

Mohamed Awad, the Zamalek goalkeeper, supported Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and owner of Almeria Club, after entering hospital in America again to check on his condition.

Awad posted a picture of Turk Al-Sheikh on Twitter while he was in the hospital and commented: “Go to the Lord, people, and heal while you are a healer, there is no healing except your recovery, a healing that does not leave a sickness.”


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