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After the 9/11 attacks in New York, government decided to create a fund to compensate the families or heirs of the disappeared.

And a Washington DC attorney, Ken Feinberg, took the lead on the project and had to face criticism, bureaucracy and political chicanery in order to help the victims.

That is the premise of How Much Life is Worth ?, Sara Colangelo’s film, written by Max Borenstein, about the true story of Feinberg, Charles Wolf and Camille Biros, among others.

The plot is very interesting and makes understandable a process that easily lends itself to confusion, adds an emotional component that facilitates the identification of the audience and reveals the forces involved so that government American will compensate financially and treat with dignity those affected by terrorist acts.

It is told with vigor, supported by a set of extraordinary performances, led by Michael Keaton as Feinberg, Stanley Tucci as Wolf and Amy Ryan as Biros.

How Much is Life Worth? It is an intelligent, relevant and very entertaining film, with a hopeful message that, despite governments, politicians and the powerful, there is the possibility of understanding and mercy between human beings.


The plot revolves around Jeong Ta-eul, a lieutenant at the local police station from Seoul in South Korea. The series begins by telling us about the “manpasijeok”, a magic flute that was given to an ancient King of Korea with the ability to control the universes and time in its entirety. We enter an alternate universe where the constitutional monarchy is the one that governs Korea in its entirety in the middle of 2020, without north and south division. There we witness the betrayal that will start to everything. Who narrates the introduction is the uncle of our male lead Lee Gon, who saw him murder his father for getting the “manpasijeok”. Now being a grown man, and King of Korea, he believes that the traitor might be alive. Fate will unite Jeong Ta-eul and Lee Gon in order to recover the missing part of the “manpasijeok” and live a beautiful love story on the way.

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An irreverent look at American obesity, caused by the junk food obsession, is what the documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock presents. His film, nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary, follows the filmmaker in an experiment: see how much damage you can do to your body if you eat every meal of the month at McDonald’s. The result is scary. Since in addition to gaining weight, your health deteriorates from consuming fast food all month. And it is not that the film is an attack on the most famous hamburger chain in the world, it is just that to prove its point it takes advantage of the fame of the great M.

The amount of statistical information on obesity is interesting, and regardless of whether or not you are a fan of fast food, the producer shows data that leaves you freezing.

The most fascinating thing is the way in which the filmmaker manages to inform and at the same time entertain and make people laugh with his occurrences, very much in the style of Michael Moore, who puts himself in the center of the action.


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