Holywings in Medan Must Close, No Bargain

Medan, CNN Indonesia

Governor of North Sumatra Edy Rahmayadi meet with the mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution, Monday (4/7). During the meeting, Edy emphasized that the nightclub Holywings in Medan closed.

Edy acknowledged that the high-risk business license was issued by the provincial government. However, he reminded that the North Sumatra Provincial Government had never issued an operational permit for Holywings.



“The holywings until 2021 belong to the districts/cities. But 2021 and above have changed the rules are owned by the province. But until now the province has never allowed this,” said Edy.

Edy emphasized that Holywings should have been closed. He also reminded businesses not to seek popularity by offending SARA.

“Because there is no letter yet and it must be closed. It’s closed, no need to bargain anymore, the most important thing is not to seek popularity with that condition. Let’s maintain order together,” he said.

On that occasion, Bobby said that Holywings had to change its operating license. Based on Government Regulation (PP) Number 5 of 2021, permits for high-risk business activities are issued by the provincial government.

“What we have conveyed is that Holywings must transfer its permit next. Indeed, before August 2021, the permit was indeed given by the City Government and yesterday we gave the permit. However, there was no commitment letter from Holywings,” he said.

Bobby added that the two Holywings outlets in Medan had also been closed since the case of promoting alcoholic beverages for the owners of the names Muhammad and Maria.

“And last week it stopped operating. However, to be able to reopen it, the permit must be transferred according to PP Number 5 of 2021, it must be transferred to the province,” he said.

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