Hollywood Actor Jonathan Majors Arrested for Domestic Violence

New York: (www.kvartha.com) Hollywood actor Jonathan Majors arrested. He was arrested by the New York police in a domestic violence case. After the woman who was with the actor called for emergency help, the police arrived at the house and arrested him.

The case is that the actor strangled and assaulted the complainant. According to the complaint, he waved his hand and hit the woman in the face, causing pain and a cut behind her ear.

Officers arrested the 33-year-old “Creed III” star in Manhattan on Saturday in connection with a domestic dispute involving a 30-year-old woman, police said. After the beating, the woman was admitted to the hospital with minor injuries on her head and neck.

At the same time, lawyer Priya Chaudhary said that the complainant called the police when she had an emotional crisis, Majors was the real victim and the actor is completely innocent in this regard. In the wake of the arrest, the US military withdrew a TV ad featuring Jonathan Majors to invite young men to join the military.

“Although Mr. Majors is innocent until proven guilty, we have decided to withdraw our advertisements pending the completion of an investigation into these allegations,” said a spokesperson for the Army Enterprise Marketing Office.

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