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(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 12 – On vacation, yes, but all concentrated in the same period and in the same places, with reduced budgets and shorter stays. It emerges from the data of the Confturismo-Confcommercio Observatory on the confidence of Italian travelers according to which there have been signs of recovery in the summer, but strong criticalities remain and the recovery with respect to the pre-covid is still a long way off.

Of the 25 million Italians who normally leave between June and September, 4.5 million have not and will not.

Of the other 20.5 million, 71% took at least one holiday of 5 nights or more, while 18% allowed themselves only one or more shorter stays, always with overnight stays: 5% limited themselves to day trips. , while 6% are aiming for September, but it is not yet certain to leave.

The temporal concentration of travel choices is strongly negative, undermining all the efforts made in the past to seasonally adjust flows: 51% of departures between the second half of July and August. Bad June, chosen by only 8%, and the first half of July, while September would seem to resist, with a total of 12%. Destination preferences are also very concentrated, with seaside destinations at 64% and to follow – with a gap that seems unbridgeable – the mountains at 18% and the cities of art, which do not drop from 9%. A panorama that also negatively affects the perception of the cost of the holiday, explicitly judged as a critical element of this summer by 2% of the interviewees, who declare that they have spent more than they intended.

Many Italians respond that they have dedicated a lower budget to holidays this year than in the past: 14% compared to 2020 and even 30% compared to 2019. (ANSA).

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