HOCKEY ONLINE: Třinec leads in the Champions League over Slovan Bratislava. Sparta can move closer to progress

In the last two playing days of the basic groups of the Champions League, the Sparta hockey players are fighting for a place in the elimination phase. The same opponent is waiting for them twice. Today they welcome the German Bremerhaven at home (19:30) and on Tuesday they will perform on its ice. The reigning Czech champion Třinec and Mladá Boleslav have already lost hope of advancing., The steelworks will be hosted by Slovan Bratislava today from 5 pm. You can watch both matches in detailed online reports on

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

The Spartans have seven points in third place – as do Växjö, who holds second place behind Bremerhaven, who amassed nine points. It is the German team that will rival the Prague team in a direct fight to advance to the playoffs. However, unlike Sparta and Bremerhaven, Växjö has only one basic group match against TPS Turku.

After three consecutive wins, however, it is clear that the Spartans will be the masterminds of their destiny and do not have to look at anything else if they are successful.

Mladá Boleslav did not win in the fifth match of the Champions League

Třinec and Mladá Boleslav, coincidentally the two best teams of the extra-league season so far, will only play for honor. The steelmakers are waiting for the Czech-Slovak derby against Slovan Bratislava, who also did not play a point in four matches. On Wednesday, Třinec plays at home.

Group A table:
1. Bremerhaven 4 3 0 0 1 7:7 9
2. Växjö 5 2 0 1 2 10:8 7
2. Sparta 4 1 2 0 1 9:7 7
4. TPS Turku 5 1 0 1 3 8:12 4
Group F table:
1. Friborg-Gottéron 5 5 0 0 0 22:9 15
2. Leksand 5 4 0 0 1 17:13 12
3. Trinec 4 0 0 0 4 8:16 0
4. Slovan Bratislava 4 0 0 0 4 7:16 0



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