HK Fancam | Kang Tae-oh’s views on the close of the drama Do not fail to remember Woo Young-woo even following the finish of the drama out?v=vW9ls6Zc8Gk

Actor Kang Tae-oh attended the group observation event for the ENA drama “Unusual Attorney Woo Youthful-woo” held at CGV Yongsan I-Park Shopping mall in Hangang-ro, Seoul on the afternoon of 18th.

Kang Tae-oh reported, “It can be wonderful to be equipped to end our drama in a great environment until the drama ends,” explained Kang Tae-oh.

With Eun-bin Park, Tae-oh Kang, Ki-younger Kang, Hyun-younger Joo, Yun-kyung Ha, Jong-hyuk Joo, and so on., “Bizarre Attorney Woo Young-woo” is the survival tale of a new lawyer with a genius brain and autism spectrum The creation of the second year is now beneath discussion.

Byun Seong-hyun, reporter [email protected]

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