HIV-AIDS | Transmission of an infection from mom to new child: 41 kids in procedure

The stage of recognition of the dangers amongst citizens has lessened in phrases of precautions in sexual intercourse, which describes the registration of new bacterial infections between youthful people.

The coordinator of the nationwide plan for the fight against AIDS at the Directorate of Essential Health Care of the Ministry of Wellbeing, Samir Mokrani, said yesterday that 41 children from beginning to 14 many years are being taken care of for the immunodeficiency virus (HIV -AIDS). ) in the yr 2021, including 5 new cases in the identical period of time, most of which are situations of transmission of the an infection from mom to new child, underlining the significance of attaining the objective of zero situations of transmission of the virus.

In a statement to Tap, she extra that the countrywide plan has implemented a approach to reduce transmission of the virus from mother to new child by way of early and cost-free screening of the virus from the earliest signs or symptoms of pregnancy, indicating that this approach has been generalized in 10 governorates and will be generalized to the relaxation of the governorates.

This approach basically aims to reduce mom-to-child transmission of the virus, he said, introducing that the contamination amount among the young children stays reduced.

The coordinator of the nationwide program for the battle in opposition to AIDS underlined in this regard that the rate of consciousness of the risks among the citizens has regressed as regards the adoption of precautions in sexual intercourse, indicating in this regard the registration of new bacterial infections among the young men and women .

In addition, he indicated that 1,532 individuals had been dealt with for the virus in the class of 2021, specifying that quite a few cases are ashamed to announce their ailment, or do not want to endure procedure for dread of discrimination and stigmatization.

He pressured the require to go by 3 steps to avoid the challenges of the virus, which are initially prevention, then testing and treatment, urging neighborhood associates to be informed of the significance of treatment and the dangers of unprotected sexual intercourse. It ought to be pointed out that the amount of people residing with HIV in Tunisia in 2020 attained about 4,500 scenarios, of which only 51% know they are infected with this disease, according to an old assertion by the coordinator of the countrywide plan for the struggle against HIV. -AIDS, noting that no knowledge is out there on the rest of the infected people today in Tunisia, which include individuals who do not know they are contaminated or have not reported their infection to wellness services, which would make their fate mysterious and exposes the relaxation of society to the possibility of an infection with this virus.

“The program will work in the years 2022 and 2023 to advise irregular migrants in coordination with international corporations to detect the true amount, motivate them to find cure and elevate consciousness of the require to stay clear of unprotected sexual intercourse and the threats of the virus in the absence of procedure”he extra, specifying that a specified variety of them receive remedy, which does not mirror the actual range of contaminated people, who want not to declare their disease or be screened for authorized things to consider, for fear of expulsion.

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