History of Brompton bikes, including the origin of the name Brompton

Suara.com – Now the trend of cycling is increasing and in vogue since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. The price of bicycles now has different price variations, even expensive due to the increasing level of bicycle sales. Moreover, the recent trend has emerged a brand that is new to the public, namely Brompton folding bike. Let’s have a look the history of Brompton bikes!

  1. The origin of the name bicycle Brompton
    Brompton bikes This is a bicycle designed in 1975 by Andrew Ritchie. The Brompton plant is located in Greenford, London, English. The founder and designer of this bicycle uses the name Brompton because when he designs his bicycle in the apartment he can see at the same time Brompton Oratory, London.
  2. Brompton bike design
    The Brompton folding bike design was first introduced in 1977 but still looks stiff and rugged but the folds are neat and comfortable. Brompton finally found its best design and became a brand that was used globally in 2011. Brompton is the UK’s largest bicycle manufacturer producing around 40,000 bicycles per year.
  3. The advantages of Brompton bikes
    This Brompton bicycle has several advantages, among others, it has a light weight and is easy to carry and is suitable for traveling long distances, has a design that is safe for use on the highway and also Brompton is a bicycle with the best quality materials and is made of two materials (steel and titanium).
  4. Brompton bike type
    Brompton has 4 types of bikes including S Type, M Type, H Type, P Type. The S Type has a lower grip position and a flat handlebar design. The M Type has a comfortable and upright bicycle position with room for the front trunk. The H Type is similar in shape to the M Type but has a taller handlebar of about 59 cm. The P Type has handlebars that are shaped like butterfly wings that are usually found on racing bikes. The price of this Brompton bicycle has a price that varies from around IDR 20 million and IDR 30 million and even up to IDR 50 million.
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That’s the history of Brompton bikes, including the origin of the name Brompton bikes.

Illegal Brompton Bicycles Have Been Smuggled Using Garuda Aircraft

Brompton Chpt3 V2 2019 folding bike. [[email protected]]

In December 2019, the Directorate of Customs and Excise of the Ministry of Finance found an alleged smuggling of luxury goods, namely Harley Davidson and Brompton bikes.

This happened when Customs and Excise officers inspected a new plane belonging to the Garuda Indonesia airline Airbus A300-900 Neo.

Head of the Sub-Directorate for Communications and Publications at the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Deny Sujantoro, said that when the plane landed according to existing procedures, the officers checked the aircraft in the GMF Hangar at Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

The officers combed from the cockpit to the cabin, but there were no violations from the new plane, which had 22 passengers consisting of 12 passengers and 10 crew members.

“We also checked there were 22 luggage suitcases, we usually check them,” said Deny when contacted by Suara.com, Tuesday (3/12/2019).

Then, continued Deny, customs and culai officers found 18 brown boxes carried by passengers on the plane. After being checked, it contained a large Harley Davidson motorbike spartan that had broken down.

“And the two boxes contain Brompton bikes in new condition. On that basis we are doing research,” he said.

In this case, according to Deny, according to the regulations passengers are not allowed to bring used goods from abroad into Indonesia.

“The former condition is not allowed, if you just have to pay off your customs, you will pay import duties, VAT and PPh,” he concluded.

Contributors: Muhammad Zuhdi Hidayat

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