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There are many travelers who cross oceans in search of a menu whose quality or history has become famous in the world. But this is the story of a restaurant that packed its bags to go after its most loyal diners.

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The Bernardin of New York maintains its three Michelin stars since the arrival of this guide to the city, and is current in lists such as ‘50 Best’ of the world or The list, which he headlined in 2019.

But its story began in Paris, when the brothers Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze opened a kitchen specializing in fish, in 1972.

They were doing well in the City of Light; in 1980 they had all three Michelin stars. Diners of the world were going to try that non-negotiable philosophy of offering “fresh, simple and respectfully prepared” fish that Gilbert Le Coze preached.

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But there were so many Americans who were looking for them that one day they packed their bags and moved with their fish recipes to New York, where there were still no Michelin guide (He would arrive in 2005, returning his stars to him) and they had to once again demonstrate their quality and commitment. “We open discreetly in NY,” says the restaurant’s page in its own review.

And it became an icon, an obligatory destination. This despite the fact that the chef died 8 years after his arrival in the United States. His sister Maguy allied himself with the most faithful of Gilbert’s disciples, Erick Ripert, who today is a culinary reference.

Together they maintain not only the Michelin stars, but the 4 awarded by the critics of The New York Times. More than three decades after moving in, Le Bernardin is the New York restaurant that has garnered the most James Beard awards, including Outstanding Restaurant and Chef (for Erick Ripert in 2013), Best Restaurant Design (2012), Outstanding Restaurateur ( for Maguy Le Cozé, in 2013). On the most recent list of the World’s ’50 Best ‘he ranks number 36.

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Reviews highlight their tuna on foie gras, their lobster cappuccino, their tasting menu and seasonal fish, and they add that, although they worship fish, the meats work very well.

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