History, Kamala Harris Becomes US President 85 Minutes After Biden Gives Up Power


WASHINGTON – Vice President (Vice President) Kamala Harris Became the first female president (Plt) United States of America (USA) on Saturday (20/11/2021) WIB. He made history by being the Acting President for 85 minutes after the President Joe Biden handed over power to him because he had to undergo a medical examination.

President Joe Biden is under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy which he undergoes as part of his annual physical. Because of this condition, Biden chose to temporarily hand over power to his deputy.

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Acting president, according to Wall Street Journal, has all presidential powers except to appoint a vice president.

An article of the US 25th Amendment states that a president can temporarily transfer power to his vice president if he is unable to do his job. This is not mandatory in circumstances such as routine colonoscopy, but Biden chose to do so.

Biden notified Senate and House of Representatives (DPR) leaders of the decision and, following his medical procedure, he submitted a letter reclaiming presidential powers.

President Biden’s handover of power is reminiscent of President Ronald Reagan handing over temporary power to his deputy; George HW Bush, while undergoing colon cancer surgery.

President George W. Bush also gave power temporarily to the vice president at the time; Dick Cheney, twice while also undergoing colonoscopy.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the Biden administration knows they are making history every time they work together.

“Every time she’s out there speaking on behalf of the government as Vice President of the United States. But for sure, today is another chapter in that history, I think, that will be recorded for many women, young girls across the country,” she said. Psaki.

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