History contains “Muay Thai” competed in the European Games 2023.

Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday (March 3, 2021) congratulated the European Olympic Committee (EOC) for putting Muay Thai into the competition.European Games 2023 In Krakow Poland It is considered that Muay Thai is a fast growing sport in terms of martial arts and its athlete and audience base. The whole group of athletes and the audience increases every year. There will be gold medals consisting of 7 men’s categories, 7 women’s categories, and mixed teams.

The Prime Minister has also assigned the Ministry of Sports Tourism to integrate with relevant agencies to promote Thailand’s sporting potential to be apparent. Ready to push for Muay Thai to be included in the future Olympic Games as Muay Thai is very popular in foreign countries nowadays.

At the same time the Facebook page “Thai Koo Fah“Publish a message stating that” Muay Thai “, the national sport of Thailand, is included as one of the sports of the sporting event. “European Games 2023” marks the first time Muay Thai has been put into this event. This has been confirmed by the International Amateur Muay Thai Federation (IFMA) as a governing body for Muay Thai that allows athletes to compete.

For competition “European Games 2023” is an international sporting event in Europe. Which is held in succession every 4 years, which has been run 2 times, the next time will be held Between 9 – 25 June 2023 in Krakow. Poland, with 50 European nations competing


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