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Empress Wu Zetian has the courage and courage that surpassed men. “She” also owns the harem like other kings, but the man who lives in it is not a woman. Of course, she will spend the night with these “male favorites”, but she has been in power for more than 10 years. , He gave up the throne to Prince Li Xian. It stands to reason that when Wu Zetian ruled Wu Zhou into a prosperous age, it should be a peaceful life, but why did Wu Zetian die a year after he abdicated? The reason is that even history books dare not record it!

The merits and demerits of Wu Zetian’s life are also controversial. Her past has been passed down from generation to generation. But she also has one of the most controversial things, which is the scandal that has spread through the ages. That is, she has had countless male favorites. Pets are nothing more than ordinary people’s business, and pets are the emperor’s business. The male emperor favors women, and the empress is not idle. After Tang Gaozong Li Zhi died, Wu Zetian had favored four men one after another.

▲Wu Zetian died a year after his abdication, the reason is that even history books dare not write! (Photo/Retrieved from Baidu Encyclopedia)

After Tang Taizong Li Shimin’s death, Wu Zetian went to the Ganye Temple to become a monk, where she met Xue Huaiyi, her first male favorite. Later, two years after Wu Zetian succeeded to the throne at the age of 60, he began to favor Xue Huaiyi, and he also accepted other male pets. From then on to his death 20 years ago, Wu Zetian had an affair with Shen and Er Zhang successively. The history books related to Wu Zetian’s male pet. The record is roughly the same, other legends are all rumors. Wu Zetian also ordered the selection of beautiful young people in the world to enter the palace, but was remonstrated by the minister. It is understood that Wu Zetian’s death is also related to these male pets!

These male pets not only enjoy the ultimate enjoyment in life, are well-dressed, but also try to interfere in government affairs. It was mainly because Wu Zetian was already old and could not go to court from time to time, so he relied on male pets. This led to more and more dissatisfaction among officials and people. On the first month of the first year of Shenlong (705), Prime Minister Zhang Jianzhi, Cui Xuanwei and ministers Jinghui, Huan Yanfan, Yuan Shuji and others launched the Shenlong coup.

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Not only killed Wu Zetian’s two male favorites, but also asked her to abdicate. Wu Zetian had to surrender to Prince Li Xian. She moved to Shangyang Palace since then, but died a year later, according to historians. It should be the excessive enjoyment in his later years, coupled with being too old, and excessive sadness after seeing the male pet beheaded. The proud queen couldn’t bear this kind of blow, she became depressed, and died a year later. Such a cause of death is indeed a bit embarrassing for a generation of empresses, no wonder the historical data is also simple.

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