‘Historical distortion and thesis plagiarism’ Seol Min-seok wave eventually… Went all the way

The broadcast that was led by Seol Min-seok, a former history lecturer, was properly lit.

Seol Min-seok / News 1

On the 10th, MBC’s’Guys Crossing the Line Returns’ (hereinafter referred to as fairies) will fight again. It means that the broadcast has been suspended for 4 weeks in a row since December 13th last year. A broadcaster explained that the current’fairies’ are in the process of reorganization or abolition.

The following MBC’The Guys Who Cross the Line Returns’

Previously, MBC decided on a large number of entertainment programs according to the occurrence of corona 19 confirmed cases. Afterwards, the assistant director, who was in charge of editing’Fairies’, was confirmed as Corona 19 and naturally followed.

Still, while the gyeolbang continued, Seol Min-seok was controversial over historical distortion and plagiarism. In particular, Seol Min-seok is a key figure leading the program. As he got caught up in controversy, he announced his intention to get off on the air.

‘Fairies’ is an entertainment program in charge of 9 PM on Sunday. With the concept of a learning journey with Min-seok Seol, we cross the line of time and dig up a history story that we did not know everywhere in Korea.


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