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The branded vents were his creation. Relying on UPS for warehousing and delivery was pretty smart, too.

Paolo Mantenimientouto had a crazy idea. I thought there was a better way to design the typical air vent. So the Toronto engineer did it, creating a modern, minimalist vent that could be used with any surface material such as tile, carpet, cork, hardwood, or drywall. When his idea took shape, Paolo asked his daughter Roberta to help him start the business. News of the new vent quickly circulated through major interior design magazines, and the duo hit the ground running.

“UPS Fulfillment is incredibly accurate. They have never defaulted on an order, and customer satisfaction is on the high side. UPS is ideal for small and medium businesses. It is very difficult to find a company that serves this market; most of the fulfillment services are focused on the big companies ”.

Roberta Mantenuto, general director of Aria Vent

The challenge

Aria’s rapid success was a challenge they did not expect. They quickly outgrew their space and orders were coming in (from all over Canada) faster than they could fulfill. After having a difficult time accurately fulfilling orders with several other fulfillment partners, the Maintenance partners knew they needed better if they were to maintain trust with their growing customer base.

The solution

Aria could take advantage of UPS services® eFulfillment, ideal for fast-growing companies, those that have outgrown their space or that need to expand their distribution footprint without breaking the budget. The services are available at any time, with no minimums. For Aria, UPS used its distribution facilities in Burlington, Ontario and Calgary to help improve inventory control and expedite time to market. For her part, Aria didn’t have to exhaust additional capital expenditures, add new employees, or invest in expensive new technologies.

The results

Aria not only focused on the business of growing her company, but scrapped the idea of ​​expanding her space. Instead of moving to a larger warehouse, the excess stock is now being shipped to one of UPS’s secure fulfillment facilities. Aria markets a premium product with premium customer service that relies on timely and correct compliance. As their business continues to grow, the Maintainos trust that their customers’ experience will be positive, until the final delivery.

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