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his titles with Dr. Dre and Michael Jackson!

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New that we will never hear …

As we know, there are plenty of titles, songs, and even projects that will never reach our ears. Sometimes it’s a question of quality, sometimes a question of money or rights that many sounds will never come out of hard drives. And it looks like Lil Wayne, productive rapper if ever there is one, has stocks that seem exceptional, especially rarities with Dr. Dre or Michael Jackson.

This is in any case what reveals a close friend of Weezy, the sound engineer Mike Banger, who made revelations during a passage on Discord. We do not know anything about the context of this meeting and the creation of this piece, but Lil Wayne would have recorded with Michael Jackson, just that. And yet, the public has never heard this incredible feat! Banger explains that the quality was not necessarily at the level of the prestige of the performers.

“Has the title with MJ been released? It wasn’t that bad, lol.”

Less surprisingly, like many rappers, Weezy would also have done sessions with Dr. Dre. A meeting between these two rap mastodons seems obvious and yet, there again, the result has never been revealed for the simple reason that it was a work for “Detox”, the legendary project. of Dre who, a priori, will never come out …

“The sessions with Dr. Dre for ‘Detox’ are probably my favorite. Dre was there, West Coast party style in our studios. It was so loud we went out. Wayne wrote his verse in his head. , outside. We got in, we recorded it in 10 minutes. Dre was ready to work for 10 years. Even after Wayne recorded his part, Dre was hanging around, telling me to mix this in such a way. , asking for doubles from Wayne. I ignored him, I did it my way, I mixed, and his ears imploded. “

We would still give a lot to listen to his unpublished!


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