his state of health revealed via unpublished photos

Celine Dion has put her career on hold for many months because of health concerns that were manifested by persistent muscle spasms. Since then, the singer has not made any public appearances. Only a few photos and videos have been published on his social networks. Recent photos of Celine Dion have been shared on the Facebook group The Red Headsone of his fan accounts.

The Quebec star appears in the process of customizing an object. ” New photos of Céline from May 2022! “, announces the account, before specifying: “ She is seen decorating the “Namaste” baby elephant statue she donated to the “Elephant Parade” art installation at Resorts World Las Vegas. Taken by Dee Amore Marti, Celine Dion’s personal hairdresser, these photos were relayed this Saturday, August 6. Something to reassure his fans. The opportunity also to ask questions. After performing for many years at the Caesar’s Palace of Las Vegas, is the singer preparing a new residency within the Resorts World from the same city?

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An imminent return

Celine Dion seems to have passed the worst and could be done with this strange disease which she refused to speak about publicly.

She would be ready to go back on stage. At the beginning of July, two very well-informed accounts announced that the singer would be cured. 95% » et « ready to perform again, very soon “. The indices which make it possible to affirm it? ” Celine Dion’s team is busy announcing that she could start singing again at Resorts World in Las Vegas before New Year’s Eve. She would be 95% recovered could happen very soon. Sources in Vegas spotted that she was reaching out to fashion houses to get her stage wardrobe ready. »

Celine Dion in full manual activity ©Facebook The Red Heads

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