his poignant letter on Facebook, a month before his disappearance

The public is still in shock at the loss of Faustine Nogherotto. January 30, 2021. If the young woman indulged in activities that made her known, she died in suffering.

And it is through social networks including Facebook, that the young woman of 31 years, told the ordeal of which was her last days of illness. Faustine Nogherotto marked the world with her courage and her strength. Discover this last and long journey.


Faustine Nogherotto has distinguished herself in the world as a music lover. This is how it was discovered for the first time in the “Star Academy” in 2006, then it reappeared in the Nagui program 10 years later, on France 2 “Don’t forget the lyrics”.

But the life of this young woman very quickly changed. Indeed, Faustine Nogherotto lugged behind her, two illnesses that rotted her life from the age of 21. In her last corner, the young woman confided on Facebook.

Before these pathologies reached her, the candidate of the “Star Academy” was enjoying life, but as time passed Faustine found it difficult to wash herself. a harmless gesture that has turned into hell. She suffered so much that she wanted to end her life in an assisted way in Belgium.


Still unknown to the public, myalgic encephalomyelitis got the better of Faustina, it is this disease which absorbed all her vital energy. And to that was also paired the Gougerot-Sjögren syndrome of conditions which have no known treatment to date.

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His participation in the “Star Academy” earned him the testimony of the presenter Nikos Aliagas, who after acknowledging his participation in the talent discovery show in 2006, he saluted the memory of Faustina and also shared the pain of the family members of the young woman.

It was not only Nagui who made a commitment to want to realize a last wish of Faustine also wanted to address a last homage to him. The 2006 Star Academy winner also shared a video of a duet he had made with her.


TV presenter Faustine Bollaert is making a real boom on the small screen, with her emotional show “It begins today”, broadcast on the France 2 TV channel, a meeting that never ceases to move.

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