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Sosok.ID – How unfortunate is the fate of this one 10 year old child.

For days he had to endure hunger because he was locked in his house and only provided rice by his mother.

The rice itself cannot be eaten because there is no water to cook it into rice.

Reported Sosok.ID from the Daily Mail, this incident happened to a young boy Russia named Mikhail.

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The boy’s mother, Natalya Azarenkova, 31, has been detained by the authorities and is in danger of losing custody of her son who has now been taken to hospital due to starvation.

The case itself was revealed after Mikhail shouted for help from neighbors after four days locked up in his house in an apartment located in Peredelkino, Moscow, Russia.

Because the door to his house was locked from the outside, he shouted for help that his neighbor call emergency services.

She was afraid that she would be sent to an orphanage and would never see her mother again.

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Mihkail said, his mother left rice but there was no water to cook it into rice.

After that, his mother left with an excuse to take their pet dog for a walk.

While leaving her son alone without eating and drinking, Natalya took good care of her pet dog, Dzaina.

The electricity and water in the cockroach-infested house of the mother and child were cut off so that Mikhail could not cook rice.

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Rossiya 24 via Daily Mail

The 10-year-old boy was left by his mother in a house full of cockroaches for days, without food or drink.

Neighbors then gave food and juice to Mikhail through the balcony of his house.

Because Natalya did not come home, they called emergency services.

The rescue was carried out five days after the boy was locked in his home.

Meanwhile, Natalya only returned home eight days after she locked her son.

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“I can’t imagine how the child can survive five days there,” said Dmitry, a neighbor who witnessed the boy’s rescue.

“There are lots of cockroaches, flies everywhere, the stench is very strong,” he explained.

Despite experiencing a terrible incident as a result of Natalya, Mikhail still loved her as a mother, said local residents.

Mikhail’s father is known to have died over the past two years.

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After being secured by the police, Natalya confessed to her actions and claimed that she had left enough rice to eat for two days.

But he could not give a good reason why he should leave his son for a longer time.

Natalya admits she spends her time hanging out with friends.

“I need my son, I want to fix everything,” said Natalya.

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As a result of her actions, Natalya was in danger of being jailed and losing custody of her son, said reports citing law enforcement.

Currently, Mikhail is undergoing treatment at the hospital.



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