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Singer Ornella Vanoni made important statements regarding her health condition. Here’s what he said.

Ornella Vanoni (Source: Instagram)

Great concern for the health of Ornella Vanoni, which issued some statements on the matter. There Vanoni is one of the most important voices that are part of the history of the Italian musical heritage. In fact, the woman boasts a very long career in which she also managed to duet with some extraordinary singers, thrilling and surprising all her huge audience from time to time. In these last few hours, her fans are very worried about the woman, who is facing an illness.

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Positive Ornella Vanoni: her “invisible enemy”

Gino Paoli and Ornella Vanoni

Apparently the singer Ornella Vanoni has chosen social media to make an important announcement about her current health conditions. The woman with a last post on her official Instagram account said she had contract the covid 19. His name adds to a long list of important people from the world of entertainment and music who had to announce the exact same message. Apparently, however, Vanoni has also added that she is well, in fact reassuring her fans, who still continue to be worried about her.

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Only a few days ago, again on Instagram, a post was published in which Vanoni had talked about the coronavirus. In his opinion, in fact, it is necessary to give due weight to words, such as “curfew”. She herself had already experienced firsthand the strength and drama of this term, which had a completely different flavor during the war. Vanoni knows very well what happened during the hours of curfew, when all the lights had to be turned off to try to avert the enemy attack and possible bombing. Also this time Ornella she feels at war, and is called to face a difficult moment. Now the singer will really have to give her all and fight with conviction against this invisible enemy.

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