his flight to New York turns into a nightmare, a jet engine exploded…

When it comes to evoking her most beautiful trip, Sylvie Vartan is incapable of limiting herself and evoking only one. “I love Japan, which I discovered at a very young age, during many tours. I went there to many cities, from North to South, even the far South. I went as far as Okinawa But I have made other magnificent trips in my life, such as Egypt, a fascinating and inspiring country, of great elegance, or even Mexico. I discovered Acapulco when I was 19. C was magical!”she indeed informed the site jesusmusic.

However, when asked about her worst memory, this time, it’s pretty clear in the singer’s head: “In the 1970s, I was going to New York to meet Bob Fosse, when one of the plane’s reactors exploded in mid-flight. The plane had to dump all the kerosene: there was a dead silence in the plane. No one moved. The plane began to descend seriously. We saw ourselves condemned, when suddenly the pilot was kind enough to give a sign of life by explaining the situation”she recalls.

“The plane was forced to circle over London, while it was shedding kerosene which stuck to the windows. It was dreadful… Finally, after an hour of anguish, we landed in London, but I didn’t want to go to New York anymore, especially since I had my dog ​​with me, and according to the English authorities who reclassified us on another flight, he was not allowed to put a paw on English soil “continued the star who also experienced a terrible road accident alongside Johnny.

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