his dad died of cancer, he expresses himself with a shiver

The famous host Denis Brogniart best known for the Koh-Lanta show, a superb “adventure mission”, confided to Nikos alpacas in the show 50mn Inside broadcast on TF1.

Denis Brogniart was interviewed by Nikos Aliagas, the host returned to his commitment to the ARC association for cancer research. His father died of this disease which has affected him a lot since.

During the confinement, the French followed the program all the more Koh Lanta which takes the candidates in adventure tests, Robinson Crusoe atmosphere.

The TV show arouses many reactions on social networks and in particular on Twitter, and unleashes passions.

Denis Brogniart, legendary presenter is currently under the traffic lights of the ramp but we know little about this man and this singular personality, who is more in the habit of putting others forward.

It aroused the interest of Nikos Aliagas’ teams and 50 minutes Inside, and During his interview, Denis Brogniart returned to six important moments in his life. The first: his position for cancer research.

A committed man

Denis Brogniart has been very involved with The Arc Foundation since 2018, which works around cancer research.

He would like to see this organization at first sight, to make clear the primary interest of scientific research in this field:

“Today, we treat one cancer in two, in 2025 we will treat two out of three if research continues to progress.”

This is a cause that is close to his heart and affects him personally. At 53, the presenter lost his fairly young father, he had cancer:

“When I talk to doctors, they tell me that if he had had him yesterday, he would have been saved thanks to the advances we know today,” Denis Brogniart tells Nikos Aliagas.

He would also like to organize an evening broadcast on television and similar to the Telethon, for cancer research. 80% of the money needed comes from donations or bequests:

“Imagine if all the channels are mobilized for this research! “He says.

He evokes his father and his wife

But He also returned to happier moments like the beginning of his story with his wife Hortense. He did meet her on LCI premises.

The host then invited her on the set of Koh Lanta in 2003. “We are going to Panama. Our story is born there around a good little local dish in a small restaurant lost in the middle of nothing. “

Then they welcomed two twins: Lili and Violette, two years after they met.

Blanche, their third daughter was born in 2006.

Denis Brogniart is also the father of a little boy, Dimitri, born from his previous union.

“I don’t think I would be the host without my family. And a fortiori without my wife, “he expressed himself with emotion in the program.

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