His affair was leaked, this mother burned her child alive


MOSCOW – A mother in Russia burned his eight-year-old son to death. The reason, the victim told his stepfather that his mother had an affair.

Anastasia Baulina, 32, a cashier from the Kursk region near the border with Ukraine, said she burned the victim alive by pouring petrol and setting her on fire with a lighter.

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This case occurred around March and the verdict hearing was held on Wednesday (6/10/2021).

He had tried to convince the court that he only meant to punish his son, Andrey, and not kill him. He claims to quickly extinguish the fire with snow.

But the trial judge dismissed his claim after his 12-year-old daughter, Natalya, told him that it was her stepfather, Pavel, 35, who put out the fire.

Natalya said that Baulina had set her watch when she doused Andrey with fuel, before telling him: “Let’s see how this scarecrow burns.”

In a scene filmed by local police, Baulina demonstrates to a plastic doll how she pours gasoline on Andrey’s head and sets it on fire with several matchsticks.

He recounted how Andrey ran screaming into the park and fell to his knees before claiming he covered the victim with snow.



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