Hints iPhone 12 event invitation: these clues are hidden

Hints iPhone 12 event invite: these clues are inside

On October 13, Apple will hold its iPhone 12 event, the company announced. As always, this includes a nice invitation. In recent years we have repeatedly turned the invitation inside out at iCulture to see if anything can be deduced from it. From the most bizarre hints to credible clues, everything passed. Over the past year, Apple seemed to be doing less, but the invitation of it september 2020-event did prove that Apple is lifting a corner of the veil. Reason enough to get our magnifying glass back and the invitation of the iPhone 12event under the microscope.

# 1 Colors: Blue, Orange and more
The most striking (and also the most revealing) are the colors of the invitation. At the September event, this proved to be a reliable indicator, as the colors in the Apple logo matched those of the new iPad Air 2020 in Apple Watch Series 6. So it could just be that that is also the case this time. The dark color blue is of course very striking. It is not without reason that rumors have been going on about a dark blue one for months iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 12 render dark blue close-up of camera

We find the orange color striking. There have been no rumors of an orange colored iPhone recently. Maybe it is one of the new colors of the iPhone 12, the successor to the colorful iPhone 11? We still do not know which (new) colors Apple has in store for this.

In addition, Apple has made another variation of the invitation, where the colors are different. Instead of dark blue and orange, it has more green and a different shade of blue. This green color resembles the green of the current one iPhone 11, so perhaps this color will return again.

iPhone 12 event invitation: variation with other colors.iPhone 12 event invitation: variation with other colors.

# 2 Circles refer to camera
Another striking aspect are the circles of the invitation. If you look at the large version, you will see four circles (from large to small). Not entirely coincidentally, the iPhone 12 Pro again three camera lenses and a LiDAR scanner. That makes a total of four larger circles on the back of the iPhone. That does not mean that it is actually four lenses, because the LiDAR scanner is only a sensor that emits invisible light rays to measure distance to objects. On the iPad Pro 2020 the LiDAR scanner is the same size as the camera lenses, but the fact that the circles in the invitation are smaller may reveal that the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro is smaller.

Incidentally, the colors also seem to resemble a sunset and sunrise. Apple may have further improved the camera’s night mode.

# 3 Reference to 5G
The invitation also includes a slogan. This time that’s “Hi, Speed”, a play on words for “high speed”. It takes little creativity to realize that Apple is referring here with a wink to the arrival of 5G. The iPhone 12 series is the first series of iPhones to include 5G, the faster version of the mobile internet. We still do not know exactly which technology Apple will use and how much faster it actually is. That also depends on the network. During the presentation, Apple will undoubtedly also make a comparison with the current 4G speeds, but whether that comparison also applies in the Netherlands is still the question.

iPhone 12 Pro render in blue with screen and back.iPhone 12 Pro render in blue with screen and back.

# 4 Fast A14 chip
In addition to 5G, the slogan may also refer to the speed of the iPhones. from benchmarks of the A14 chip already turns out to be a real speed monster. Apple will undoubtedly say that it is the fastest iPhone ever (because they say that every year), but may want to emphasize that even more during the event. Maybe more will come iOSfeatures on the latest devices taking full advantage of the speed enhancement of the iPhone 12.

# 5 Reference to the AirTag
The middle smallest circle with the Apple logo leaves little to the imagination. It could just be that Apple is giving a glimpse of the AirTag, the upcoming tracker with which you can look up your keys, for example. There are already recently renders of the AirTag’s appearance surfaced, showing that the accessory is a small circular tracker with an Apple logo on it. In other words: exactly like the middle circle in the invitation. That can hardly be a coincidence.

Airtags renderAirtags render

# 6 Focus on audio
The circles in the invitation can also symbolize something else, namely the introduction of new audio products. Apple uses similar circles in the illustration of spatial audio, like a kind of sound waves. If you were to look at one group of circles in the image below from behind, it would also be several large and small circles that are in each other. Just like on the invitation.

AirPods met Spatial AudioAirPods met Spatial Audio

That could just be a hint to new audio products. Apple has two products in this category on the agenda: the AirPods Studio headphones and the smaller HomePod mini. At the AirPods Studio we assume that there is spatial audio in it anyway. Incidentally, Apple also used circles around the audio distribution at the HomePod to point out. That can not be a coincidence.

HomePod with room-filling soundHomePod with room-filling sound

# 8 Other (far-fetched) hints
See what you want to see: if you look long enough, you can get many more ‘hints’ from the invitation. So take it with a good grain of salt 😉:

  • Hi, Speed: The speed at which Apple releases new software updates. Apple has been in the beta of iOS 14.2 for a while (scheduled for late October or early November) and is expected to release iOS 14.1 very soon.
  • Apple Car: Will it ever be there again? There were once rumors about Apple’s own self-driving car. Do the four ‘wheels’ in the invitation indicate this?
  • The Netherlands: The color orange screams out: all products also come directly to the Netherlands!
  • Hi: The Hi part of the slogan represents a round of introductions: a new CEO!

Did you discover anything in the invitation? Let us know in the comments. Also read our expectations for the iPhone 12 eventso you are up to date on any announcements that may follow.

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