Hints for Liam Hemsworth in ‘Flowers’ lyrics by Miley Cyrus

During New Year’s Eve 2022, Miley Cyrus revealed in a special with Dolly Parton that she was ready to launch her new musical era. A new stage of one of the great goddesses of the industry that would begin with the premiere of Flowers.

And almost from the moment of its announcement, something caught our attention: its release date. The American soloist had planned to present her new song on January 13, a date that coincides with the birthday of her former partner, Liam Hemsworth.

All the alerts from his fandom went off in unison: were we looking at a new studio album about the breakup of the popular couple? The answer with the passing of the days has been giving the reason to those who already suspected that something was cooking…

From what Miley has presented in terms of the lyrics of Flowers, we can already say that we have not heard more direct hints than the ones contained in Flowers and of which we already got some advance in Midnight sky. Now everything seems more accentuated and if you don’t look at the lyrics: “I can buy myself flowers / I can take myself dancing / I can hold my own hand / I can love me better than you can” hand / I can love myself better than you can”).

And in case anyone had any doubts, among the Miley Cyrus fandom someone has appeared who has been able to relate the first movements that we have seen of the artist in the teaser of the music video clip. It’s a move Miley made to Liam during an interview.

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It all happened on the red carpet at the party Vanity Fair to which they both went together and when the interpreter tried to dog her partner, he withdrew and flatly refused to participate. Now everything seems to have found its meaning and her motivation.

There is barely a week left for the premiere of Flowers and we can’t wait to enjoy it to the fullest. That and all the ones that will come that could hide that and many other stories…

Endless summer vacation, the new album by Miley Cyrus

All of them will arrive from March 10, the date on which Miley Cyrus has confirmed the release of her new studio album Endless summer vacation.

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