Hinduism is a culture not a religion why one god has so many sects – Shine Tom Chacko

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HINDU IS A CULTURE NOT A RELIGION Why so many sects for one God – Shine Tom Chacko

Shine actor Tom Chacko says that the caste system still exists in our society. In the star’s latest film, Bharat Circus, PNA Kurup’s poem “Pulayadi Makkallik Pulaan Pari” was included. Shine is addressing this issue in a press briefing held as part of the Bharat Circus.

“There are still caste-minded people in our society. That’s why the song from my new film (also Pulayadi Makkallik Pula) is so popular. Or why people have taken up that song. I won’t say that it shouldn’t be undertaken.

But if we listen to some of the comments below, we will understand that some of these feelings are still in people’s minds. How did the sect called Parayan and Pulayan come about? This caste system is not only in Hindu culture but also in Christianity. There it is distinguished as LC and RC.

No matter what religion you look at now, you will find many sects. Why does a god really have so many sects Caste is related to religion. Hinduism is not a religion but a culture. Why caste distinctions for these religions?

Didn’t a single Christ die on Friday? If not a single Christ came out then why are there so many sects within the religion. Think about why these categories came about. There is still a lot going on outside of these categories. It doesn’t matter who says no, he takes it and uses it very well when he’s close to the point or in situations where he needs to use it,” said Shine Tom Chacko.

Bharata Circus which is about police and Dalit Rashtriya is scripted by Muhad Vembaya. Jafar Idukki Sudhir Karamana. Binu Pappu, Megha Thomas, Jolly Chirayat and Kalabhavan Prajod play other notable characters in the film.

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