Hind Al-Qahtani reveals another source of obtaining money without the need for a reliable permit • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Snapchat celebrity Hind Al-Qahtani especially challenged celebrities from the Gulf and Saudi Arabia by passing them on Tik Tok.

Al-Qahtani explained, via a video clip, that he can delete their views on TikTok and receive more gifts if he broadcasts live on the application.

Al-Qahtani said, “They see that I want a verified account so that I can see gifts and advertisements. I can easily get money. I can go to Tik Tok, and that doesn’t require verification, and I can receive gifts and gifts.”

And she added: “I swear to God, and you know I’m honest. If I open a broadcast, I will miss everyone present. By God, I will capsize the market of everyone present in Tik Tok, and it will become overwhelming and I will get more gifts from those who have received Tik Tok Saudi and Saudi celebrities Despite this, I have not opened a broadcast and this I do not like “the program”.

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