Hillsborough County Authorities Call for No Bullets in the Air in New Year’s Eve Farewell | Univision 40 Raleigh WUVC

HILLSBOROUGH, North Carolina.- Stray bullets during the end of the year festivities are very common, which is why to prevent injuries or even deaths the Hillsborough Police Department asks the community to do not shoot into the air.

“Stray bullets can be deadly,” Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood said in a statement.

“A bullet fired directly into the air will go back down at a slower speed than it went up, but that bullet will continue to travel fast enough to penetrate a human body“, explicó Blackwood.

According to the Police Department, the majority of people who are injured by shooting in the open air are hit on the head or shoulders.

“A bullet fired into the air falls between 20 and 90 seconds later,” Blackwood said. “And it can harm someone from a mile or two away. That is why shooting a gun in the air is never a good idea, even in rural areas, “added the bailiff.

Similarly, the Sheriff’s Office reminds the public that they must make a plan and safely celebrate the farewell to the year. If you are going to consume alcohol, you should select a trusted person to act as your designated driver so that you can avoid accidents.

“This year, bars and restaurants will not be open at midnight due to regulations enacted to curb the spread of Covid-19. This creates a different dynamic. More people will celebrate closer to home, which could do two things. One, they may think they can drive home despite their drinking because they don’t have to travel very far. Two, there may be more pedestrians after dark, when people walk to or from a neighbor’s house, “Blackwood said.

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