Hillary Brigitta Apologizes to General Dudung, Application for TNI Personal Adjutant Canceled

House of Representatives Commission I member Hillary Brigitta Lasut explained her reasons for asking the TNI for personal aide. (Source: kompas.com)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV Member of the House of Representatives Commission I, the NasDem Party faction, Hillary Brigitta Lasut, finally apologized to the Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General TNI Dudung Abdurachmandan.

This is related to Hillary’s request for personal aide from Indonesian Army soldiers.

Meanwhile, Hillary previously sent a letter requesting a personal aide from the Indonesian Army because she was worried about her safety.

However, General Dudung flatly refused the request.

In the aftermath of that, Hillary withdrew her letter and canceled her dream of getting a personal aide from an army soldier.

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Hillary herself has sent a letter to the Army Chief of Staff regarding the cancellation of the application for members of the TNI AD as personal aides.

The letter with the number: 125/SE/DPR-RI/HBL/XII/2021, dated December 3, 2021, was also uploaded to the Army’s Instagram on Monday (6/12/2021).

The following is the content of the letter that Hillary Brigitta Lasut sent to General Dudung, quoted from the TNI AD Instagram upload:

“Yours faithfully,



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