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Hilary Swank Reveals Twins’ Names and First Look on Valentine’s Day 2024

Almost a year after giving birth to twins in April 2023, Hilary Swank decided that Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse to finally share their babies’ names, along with the first look at the little ones.

On February 14, Swank wrote in the caption of her Instagram account: “I have a busy week of talk shows ahead of me talking about my new movie and a fun collaboration, but I thought this was the best day to first share with all of you the names of my two little loves. In the post, the twins are seen on the beach, with their backs to the camera to keep their faces secret, with their names written on green leaves in the sand behind them.

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According to the post, the daughter of Swank is called Aya and her son Ohm. Swank gave no clue as to how she and her husband, Philip Schneider, They chose these names, but it seems fair to assume that originality was a factor in the decision process. What we do know, thanks to an addendum in the caption, is that Swank’s kids have been trying to eat the sand, which is pretty relatable content for a mom.

Hilary Swank announced the birth of the twins on Instagram in April 2023. Alongside a photo of herself holding the newborns in which only the tops of their heads are visible, the Oscar winner wrote: “It wasn’t easy But boy (and girl!) has it been worth it.”

Article originally published in Glamor US, glamor.com, adapted by Paola Juárez.

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