Highly pregnant Channah expels Quentin from the house

“Guys, it’s that time again … Me and Channah have a fight again”, he tells his subscribers. “As you can see, I am in a hotel room.” According to the EOTBstar started the fight after Quentin went to make a bottle for their son Tiger, which got him criticism from Channah.

The discussion escalated to the point that the pregnant Channah asked him to leave the house and even threatened to end their relationship. “I’m happy with that, I said then, I’m such an asshole again.”

According to Quentin, this was the straw that broke the bucket. “I don’t care anymore either. If I just get bullshit every day, then I also think: then we just split up. Of course you prefer not to, but if those arguments keep running …”

The timing is not optimal, because their second child can be born any moment. “I just leave my phone on. If there is anything she can call and I go there”, Quentin says. “It’s tough for me because I didn’t want kids. I’m not a person for a relationship and I’m very much on my own.”

The fact that Channah was pregnant again so soon came as a surprise to many fans. Still, the parents-to-be consider it a logical choice. They said earlier in a video: “We talked about: when do you actually take a second one? Can you do that with four years in between or continue right away? (…) Tiger will soon be at school and then you just have a little bit back your life. “

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Channah and Quentin have been through a lot together in recent years, as you can also see below:

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