Higher, more integrated teaching and double shifts (morning and afternoon). Draft of the Decree

The meeting of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with the majority heads of delegation, Minister Francesco Boccia, Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Riccardo Fraccaro ended after about three hours. Among the topics at the center of the meeting is the warmth of school and transport.

350 million in transport

Transport that yesterday saw an ad hoc allocation in the 2021 maneuver. In fact, additional funds were announced to be used in the first months of next year for local public transport, “especially the school one”. The resources would amount to 350 million euros. Resources that would not be immediately expendable, not covering the end of 2020 period.

Integrated teaching and double shifts

The focus is therefore on interventions in high school, guaranteeing face-to-face teaching for Infancy, Primary and Lower Secondary Schools. There are two solutions that have converged in a draft of the DPCM that we are able to anticipate.

Notwithstanding – reads the draft – that the didactic and educational activity for the first cycle of education and for the educational services for children continues to take place in the presence, to counter the spread of the infection, upon communication to the Ministry of Education by the regional, local or critical situations and particular risk referred to specific territorial contexts, secondary school institutions of the second degree adopt flexible forms in the organization of teaching activities by increasing the use of integrated digital teaching, which remains complementary to face-to-face teaching, further modulating the management of pupils’ entry and exit times, including through the possible use of afternoon shifts and providing that entry does not take place before 9.00 am in any case“.

The hypothesis of double shifts was proposed in the summit meeting at Palazzo Chigi, during which Minister Lucia Azzolina would be contacted at a certain point in the meeting, as reported by ANSA, and the hypothesis would be discussed in particular , which she would have said against, of double shifts morning / afternoon in high school.

350 million euros for local transport, staggered admissions to school until 11 to avoid distance learning

6.1 billion for schools and universities. 25 thousand support teachers will be stabilized (expenditure 1.2 billion). Budget law


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