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Latvian higher education institutions do not plan to increase next year’s tuition fees, the agency LETA found out in higher education institutions.

At the University of Latvia, taking into account this year’s situation, tuition fees are not increased, said Antra Sprēde, the editor of the University’s Communication and Innovation Department.

Riga Stradiņš University (RSU) also informed that the university has not planned significant changes in tuition fees. Tuition fees have been adjusted for some programs and RSU has introduced discounts on admission excellence. With this discount, the annual tuition fee remains at the previous level or changes minimally – in the amount of approximately 5-7%, ensuring an increase in the quality and profitability of study programs, RSU expressed.

The Study Department of Riga Technical University also pointed out that the tuition fee at the university this year will remain at the previous level.

In the 2020/2021 academic year, no increase in tuition fees is planned at the School of Business Administration “Turiba”, on the contrary – the School of Economics, offering a number of tuition fee reductions, informed the School. Thus, for example, by concluding an agreement from July 27 to July 31 for studies in Riga, it is possible to receive a 50% discount for the second semester.

At the same time, “Turība” has maintained the reduced tuition fees in the branches – by concluding an agreement until September 5, studies in one of the branches of the university in Cēsis, Talsi or Liepāja will cost 780 euros per year.

There will also be no changes in tuition fees at Daugavpils University in the 2020/2021 academic year. But the fee for the 2021/2022 academic year will be decided not earlier than in February of the following year, Kristīne Danilova, a representative of the International and Public Relations Department of the educational institution, told LETA.

At the same time, the tuition fee at the Latvia University of Agriculture will not change in the next study year, confirmed Lana Janmere, the head of communication at the university.

The increase of tuition fees at Rēzekne Academy of Technology (RTA) is not planned yet, at the same time tuition fee discounts of various sizes may be applied to certain categories of students. Thus, for example, 10% discount in the first study year from the full tuition fee is received by applicants for whom a first-degree relative studies at RTA, but 15% discount in the first study year will be received by RTA 2019/2020 academic year graduates who continue their studies at RTA master’s program.

Also, a 10% discount for one semester is received by former RTA students who renew their studies. Other tuition fee discounts are also granted, but in cases when a student is entitled to several discounts, they do not add up.

Edgars Žukovskis, a senior specialist in public relations at Ventspils University College, informed that in the new study year the tuition fee has not changed and in all study programs it has remained at the level of the previous year. He added that last year tuition fees were raised for certain study programs to equate tuition fees to a state grant for one study place.

Gundars Čiževskis, a marketing specialist at the University of Liepaja, confirmed that in the 2020/2021 academic year, the fee for all study programs has remained unchanged compared to the previous study year.

The tuition fee at Vidzeme University College (ViA) for the 2020/2021 academic year will also remain unchanged. “In addition, in order to promote student employment in the context of the Covid-19 crisis and to involve students more in achieving the university’s goals, as well as to support them in their studies, ViA management has decided to reduce their salaries by 10% between June and December this year. student grant program, “added ViA public relations specialist Monika Sproģe.

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