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High performance tuner box LIAN LI LANCOOL III RGB user

The Lancool brand, which we will be examining right now, is a sub-brand of LIAN LI, an industry-leading premium aluminum PC case, and features a unique front panel, internal structure with increased expandability, and support for addressable RGB function. In the Lancool One series, the high quality aluminum material which is the same as Lian Li’s identity has been applied to the front panel part and Lancool 2 uses a flip type panel and cover design to complete the final design of the chassis for various users, and assemble the case More convenience and expandability.

Since it was first released in 2018, it is currently a PC computer case brand representing Lian Li along with the O11 series and has a variety of derivative lineups including mesh and performance series. The Lian Li Rancool 3, which we will examine this time, has absorbed all the features of the previous generation model, and improved the missing parts, making it more complete. This model, which has a large mesh panel applied to the front for cooling performance, has also improved expandability and convenience with various storage installation options and useful features. LANCOOL 3 is available in black and white colors and RGB and non-RGB models are divided according to whether the front fan supports RGB.

The package is large enough for the size of the product. Measuring 645x307x580 mm, it was made in generous dimensions using internal supplements. Along with the appearance of the product, you can see the emphasis on the flip-type panel and power supply cover design.

The components have been neatly organized into a separate package, including the computer case body, extra drive bays, user manuals, and mounting screws.

The Lian Li Lancool 3 used in the review is a model with 4mm thick tempered glass side panels installed on both sides, and the interior is transparent and the tuning is good. The size is 526x238x523mm and is one of the largest of the standard mid-tower PC cases and has a simple and unobtrusive overall appearance.

The mesh front panel is designed with a perforated grille with a 51% porosity to draw in maximum inflow without obstructing the airflow. On both sides, high quality aluminum material is used to add sophistication to a design that could have been monotonous, and a clean cut finish and hairline have been added with Lian Li’s expertise to create a luxurious atmosphere.

In particular, these aluminum parts not only serve as decoration, but can also be used as a handle that can open and close the side panels on both sides. The panel has a closure which can hold the side panel with a magnet.When the panel is pulled, the side panel opens like a swing door, and when closed, a flat magnet holds the side panel firmly with strong attraction. possible.

On the top surface, a porous mesh panel cover is built to provide powerful cooling performance with maximized airflow. The lid can be easily removed with a screw and separated from the top bracket for easy maintenance. The I / O ports are located in a fixed part of the top panel, so it is designed so that there are no problems even if the front or top is removed. It is also detachable, so it can be fixed on the underside. In this case, when using the PC case on a desk, it can be inconvenient to unplug and combine it frequently, for example when installing a USB memory. The port configuration, from left to right, consists of a light color, mode switch button, audio jack, reset and power button and two USB 3.0 type A terminals and one type C terminal.

A cooling fan up to 140mm can be installed on the back and 8 reusable PCI slots are configured. Since there is no intermediate structure between the slot and the slot, the graphics card can be mounted vertically using a separate riser kit, etc. and the power supply mounting part is separated by a chamber, so you can assemble the computer body neatly. At the bottom, the replaceable dust filter tray holder is wide enough to fit various sized feeders and can be easily removed to clean the filter.

Through the internal design of Lian Li Lancool 3, you can verify the true nature of the product. Except for the skeleton that supports the computer case, most of the parts can be easily disassembled via hinges and screws, and the modular bracket and rail configuration lead to greater ease of use and better expandability. Looking at the internal design, the motherboard supports E-ATX and Mini-ITX form factors, and CPU cooler up to 187mm and graphics card up to 435mm can be installed. Specifically, up to three 140mm cooling fans or 420mm radiators can be mounted on both the top and front, boasting incredible expandability.

Most brackets are made up of screws or hinges, so they can be easily removed without a separate tool, and various types of rails allow for more creative and efficient use of interior space. Although it is a center tower product, the reason it has been able to increase expandability is the organic composition between each part. In particular, Lian Li Lancool 3 can expand or shrink its internal structure depending on the size of the motherboard or GPU used. If you’re using an E-ATX or a fairly large GPU, there will certainly be restrictions on configuring the fan bracket and the bottom chamber on the inside. . Thanks to this, the lower chamber, which has become freer, can be equipped with three 120mm cooling fans or 360mm radiators, SSDs, etc.

In the case of Lian Li LANCOOL III RGB, if you remove the front panel, you can see that there are three 140mm cooling fans that support addressing, namely ADD RGB. The bracket for mounting the cooling fan is also removable, and by flipping the bracket, you can ensure a space between 40 mm and 100 mm, so that you can configure a cooling environment optimized for your system scenario.

Of course, a highly expandable PC case takes up a lot of space when assembling a computer, as there are many cables configured for lighting and cooling devices, and each cable tends to get messy. Lian Li LANCOOL III RGB has cable holes in various places and Velcro mounts are provided around it and offers ample space for selection and easy line arrangement, providing excellent satisfaction. In particular, the metal cover that is fixed through the magnetic screen covers it, allowing to complete a fairly tidy side. If the cover is a little boring, you can decorate it with a magnetic tag or a decoration, visible from the outside through the tempered glass panel.

A dedicated SSD tray is configured under the mounting part of the motherboard. By applying the toolless method, the 2.5-inch SSD can be combined without tools and can be replaced quickly.

When you open the cover of the power supply cover, you can see the sliding drive cage. Each cage comes with a universal SSD / HDD mounting bracket and two additional brackets are combined to provide a total of four brackets. In addition, the cover itself has a mounting rail for mounting the SSD, so a total of 4 HDDs or 12 SSDs can be used.

There is approximately 220mm of space on the side of the cage for mounting the power supply, which allows for more space when moving or removing the cage. In particular, a bracket for the power supply is provided on the rear panel so that the power supply can be fixed from the outside and pushed in. This helps protect the product from scratches that can occur when installing the power supply inside and helps to easily install the power supply.

The motherboard interoperability cable consists of a SATA cable for powering the controller, an audio terminal, a 3-pin 5V RGB terminal and a PWM terminal for interacting with an RGB cooling fan and two types of cables for USB use. Uniquely, Lian Li LANCOOL III RGB is equipped with an LED controller on the I / O panel so that the LED effects can be connected and both the power and LED terminals of each cooling fan are pre-coupled, so they can be connected directly to the main board Available. Specifically, if you look at the power supply, you can see that it supports easy connection to the main board using a built-in 9-pin header.

It looks like a simple assembly. As you can see in the photo, neat lines can be arranged, and by using the space at the front and bottom, you can see that the airflow can be concentrated on the heat dissipation of major parts such as the CPU and GPU. Since there is a lot of free space, it is possible to build prefab computers with more different scenarios.

Like the RGB model, you can create a very different atmosphere with a slightly more colorful lighting effect. Using the color and mode change button, you can change the color and turn off the LED, and you can build a beautiful tuner computer with its 7 effects or effects connected to the main board.

In this way, we took a look at Lian Li Lancool 3, a high-performance computer case that offers powerful expandability and cooling performance. It is a premium model that has been completed by taking advantage of the features of the previous generation and improving the complementary points. Unprecedented modularity and high compatibility ensure a high level of satisfaction different from the Lian Li O11 series. Notably, recently, GPU heat dissipation beyond CPU temperature is also an important point in setting up a high-performance computer. Obviously, the price is high as far as the complete product is concerned, but if you are looking for a premium computer case that considers stable cooling performance, expandability and ease of use for your gaming computer, we recommend this product.

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