High fever, Azriel Hermansyah rushed to hospital

Suara.com – Azriel Hermansyah rushed to hospital while visiting his girlfriend, Sarah Menzel in Bali. Anang Hermansyah’s son apparently experienced heat up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Azriel’s mother, Ashanty, mourned that her child was sick due to fatigue.

“You are tired, you just came back from Dubai, you go right away. There you don’t sleep for sure, you stay up late. If you sleep, you won’t get sick,” Ashanty said on his YouTube channel, Sunday (21/6/2021).

Azriel Hermansyah could not refute Ashanty’s scolding. He admitted that he experienced drastic sleep changes after returning from abroad.

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Ashanty advised Azriel Hermansyah to ask the doctor for sleeping pills. Because, this method is considered effective in returning the son’s sleeping hours back to normal.

“Look, you’re in the hospital, ask for sleeping pills from the doctor for five days like mom yesterday. Don’t sleep after 12 o’clock, after that you go back to sleep like before,” asked Ashanty.

In addition, Ashanty also asked Azriel to do a Covid-19 test. Because he was worried, it was a symptom of the corona virus.

“Jiel, PCR, antigen,” Ashanty said.

Azriel Hermansyah also did the test that Ashanty asked for. Negative for Covid-19, Krisdayanti’s son was diagnosed with typhoid symptoms.

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“(Pain) is a symptom of typhus. Oh God, son, don’t be sick. It’s stressful. Luckily it’s not Covid-19, yes, I’ve been tested three times,” said the wife of Anang Hermansyah.

Ashanty thanked Sarah Menzel and her family for being willing to take care of Azriel Hermansyah. However, this mother of two hopes that her child will return to Jakarta as soon as possible.

“This is the first time he’s sick without his mother. Hopefully Jiel will get well soon, right, even though Sarah and his mother are present, we parents are still not calm,” said Ashanty.



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