High Cholesterol Can Be Experienced by Young People, Know the Reasons and Dangers

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When talking about high cholesterol, you may be worried. You know, cholesterol High blood pressure is often associated with various dangerous diseases, ranging from heart disease, high blood pressure, to diabetes stroke.

High cholesterol is also often experienced by those who have entered old age. However, not a few young people who have been exposed to high cholesterol. The problem is, the younger a person has high cholesterol, the risk disease experienced is even higher.

Referring to the results of research published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, and the report was written in the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, it is stated that when young people have high cholesterol and are not treated immediately, the greater the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.



“Having elevated LDL cholesterol levels at a young age increases the risk of developing heart disease, and the increased risk persists even in those who are later able to lower their LDL cholesterol levels,” said study leader Michael Domanski, who is also Professor of Medicine at UMSOM.

Then, even though you are young, why do you get high cholesterol?

There are many things that can make young people exposed to high cholesterol. Launch WebMdhigh cholesterol in young people is usually closely related to an unhealthy lifestyle that is lived.

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Here are the things that young people can be exposed to high cholesterol;

1. Unhealthy eating habits

Unhealthy food is delicious to eat. Especially fast food, children and teenagers really like this type of food. Starting from boba drinks, contemporary coffee, french fries, and various other unhealthy snacks.

2. Not exercising regularly

Consumption of unhealthy food and drinks and not balanced with regular exercise is very dangerous for the body. It can also increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

Cover Infographic Disease Invitation from SmokingCigarette illustration. (Photo: Astari Kusumawardhani)-

3. Smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke

Young people who like to hang out are very likely to smoke or inhale cigarette smoke. Both are equally harmful to the body.

4. Overweight or obese

Maintaining an ideal body weight is important. Especially those who are young. If young people are obese, the risk high cholesterol even threatened.

That’s the reason why young people can get high cholesterol.


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