Hideo Kojima would be talking to Xbox to launch a game according to rumor


By: Braulio Ramirez Jara | 07-04-21

A few months ago, Phil Spencer revealed during a live show that he had a Kojima Productions figure in his epic stand. As expected, the community exploded imagining that it was a possible reference to that they would be working in conjunction with the study. Despite the fact that no official data has been revealed, the rumor continues, as many assure that Hideo Kojima would be in talks with Xbox.

All the buzz comes from the announcement of the new horror game Abandoned, of which the community pointed out that it was a game with the participation of Kojima. Despite this, the renowned Jeff Grubb came out to reveal to the VenntureBeat medium, that the title had no relation to the creative one. He also assured that the director of Kojima Productions was in talks with Xbox for a new game.

While it is true it is a reliable source, many media have assured that we should be waiting for the announcement. This is because, as detailed by Grubb, Hideo kojima would still be in talks with the company but they have not closed any type of agreement. It only remains to wait, to know the plans that Xbox has for the future.

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